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Please have a look at the video that is included here. This will guide you in proper placement of the monitor, how to start recording and how to alert us when you are experiencing symptoms. Please note that the diary which accompanies your Holter has a contact number which you can call if you are having any difficulties.

Holter Monitoring PDF

Holter Monitoring (PDF)


HeartLinc™ is a non-invasive, first-live , heart health screening program to detect any current and/or possible future heart disease.

HeartLinc™ makes holter monitoring convenient and easily accessible to the patient free of charge. HeartLinc™ utilizes state of the art technology in the “MyPatchTM” holter monitor coupled with a seasoned team of referring primary care doctors and nurse practitioners, Cardiologists with their team of health care professional.

HcartLinc™ will train, support, and provide identified internal and external Human Resources and all medical equipment and HCPs (Health Care Professionals) required to offer this state-of-the-art heart health screening tool to your patients, residents, or members, at no cost to you. This value-added unique preventative healthcare initiative creates a new revenue stream positively impacting your bottom-line!


(Generating a Holter Monitor Requisition that flows into the main HolterHealth.com (HH) Work Flow Process below)

The guidance document gives proven protocols to primary care practitioners assuring they are requisitioning Holter Monitors for all the right reasons and will be in compliance with their regulatory body or college..


MAIN WORK Flow Process:



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