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AMS Diagnostic Consulting has been in diagnostic imaging and cardiology for 30 years. Our services are primarily in cardiology, under the headings of Ontario Cardiology Services, Heart Wellness Cardiac Clinics, and Diagnostic Assessment Centre, which provide echocardiograms, Holter and loop monitoring, ECGS, stress testing, stress echo, cardiac consultations, and contrast echocardiography.
We also provide general ultrasound and vascular technology services at 3 sites in Scarborough. We have affiliated centres which provide nuclear cardiology testing without delay. We are strongly associated with SMH, SHSC and MGH.
We also offer an emergency cardio consult service – call us any time if an urgent consult is needed. If we don’t have a cardiologist on-site, we will arrange an appointment within 15 minutes. If you call in the morning or early afternoon, the appointment can be made for the same day, often immediately. If late in the day, guaranteed to be by ~9am the following morning, at latest.
We are an accredited lab with the CorHealth Ontario. Our study quality is second to none. Our QA program is well documented, available for all to see at any time. I would invite physicians to come to one of our labs at any time to observe our procedures and assess lab protocols. Our findings are graphic and accurate, and will always withstand challenge.
Our cardiologists, nuclear lab partners and affiliated hospitals, ensure that all unexpected or severe findings which are uncovered in our facilities or through our secondary site testing, will receive immediate attention. All arrangements will be made from our offices, and referring physicians will be kept aware of all processes through phone calls and reports. If a patient requires a persantine nuclear study, TEE (trans-esophageal echo), angiogram, angioplasty, valve replacement, surgical graft to fix a critical aneurysm, or bypass surgery, we will arrange these procedures, often faster than inpatients at the hospital.
We have 8 echo technologists, 3 ultrasound technologists, 3 stress techs and 3 nurses who assist with decoding heart monitor recordings. Our specialists include:

Dr. A. Gupta

Director cardiac cath lab TEGH - angiograms done at TEGH, Sunnybrook and TWH

Dr. S. Verma

head of cardiac surgery, SMH

Dr. A. Pasricha

Cardiologist - Markham-Stouffville Hosp

Dr. N.Gupta


Many other specialists work with us in our affiliated clinics:

Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan

interventional cardiologist - Heart Health Instituts

Dr. A. Janmohamed

electrophysiologist - Heart Health Institute

Dr. V. Ahooja

Heart Health Institute

Dr. G. Cohen

Head of Cardiac Surgery - Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Dr. N. Ranganathan

cardiologist - St. Joseph Health Centre

Dr. H. Abramson


Dr. M. Dhruve

Nephrologist- TEGH

Dr. M. A-Omran

head of vascular surgery, SMH

Dr. M. Dhruve

Nephrologist- TEGH

Dr. A. Al Azzoni

cardiologist-Heart Health Institute, Rouge Valley Health System

Dr. M. Andreas

internal medicine

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