HeartLinc Canada


Heart Heath Screening for Companies, Unions or Associations

Incorporating Holter monitor testing for employees or members; represents a forward-thinking approach to ensuring the cardiac well-being of your employees or members. Many professions involve high levels of stress, physical exertion, and / or exposure to environmental factors that can have latent effects on heart health. Offering Holter monitoring can be a proactive way to detect, prevent, and address potential cardiac concerns and determine via our network of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) if further testing or further medical treatment is required.
By making the HEARTLINC™ Assist program readily available to your employees or members, you demonstrate a vested interest in their well-being, which can lead to increased job satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, and an overall healthier & more productive workforce.
Providing HEARTLINC™ Assist as a health perk, emphasizes the value placed on its employees or members. Such initiatives will foster an internal culture of care, improve employee retention, and enhance the attractiveness of the organization to potential members or employees. Early detection of potential cardiac issues, facilitated by HEARTLINC™ Assist, will improve employee or member overall health. This in turn can be very strategic for the well-being of members or employees and a sound financial decision for the organization contributing to the bottom-line.

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