HeartLinc Canada

Heart Health Screening in Assisted Living Facilities (LTC)

Enhancing Care and Resident Peace of Mind

Holter monitoring in LTC via the HeartLinc™ Assist Program offers an unparalleled advantage in continuous cardiac health assessment for the elderly, who we all know have a myriad of cardiac conditions. Providing access to 24/7 monitoring via HeartLinc™ Assist can provide critical insights into heart rhythms and irregularities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Using this non-invasive heart health screening tool could reduce expenses associated with sending residents out for urgent care or heart testing.

HeartLinc™ Assist care plans can be handcrafted to cater specifically to the unique needs of each resident and the healthcare initiatives of the LTC home. HeartLinc™ Assist can be a value-added program offered by your facility in addition to your other assisted living and healthcare programs. HeartLinc™ Assist will attract more poterntial residents and their families, improve resident / patient outcomes, and will be an additional revenue-generating stream for your facility!

Integrating Wireless Holter monitoring via HeartLinc™ Assist into your resident care regimen enhances the quality of life and peace of mind for both residents and their families. Knowing that a loved one's heart health is being closely monitored will alleviate anxiety and ensure prompt response to any potential cardiac events. HeartLinc™ Assist is not just a holter monitoring service; HeartLinc™ Assist is a fully integrated program backed by a team of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) that ensures your residents are in the best of hands!

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