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HEARTLINCâ„¢ MD / Clinic
Empowering Primary Care Practitioners

Wireless Holter Monitoring Strengthening Cardiac Care Collaboration

In a groundbreaking stride towards advanced cardiac care, a new joint venture HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic has been initiated to equip primary care practitioners and their clinics / FHOS with state-of-the-art wireless Holter monitors and a team of seasoned cardiac HCPs.

HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic reduces primary care practitioners work load, creates an additional service offered by the clinic, and at the same time maintains a patient centric approach; improving outcomes. Recognizing the pivotal role that primary care practitioners play in early detection and management of heart health, this collaborative effort seeks to bridge the gap between cutting-edge cardiac technology and its accessibility in primary care. HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic creates a seamless integration of holter monitoring as a screening tool for heart health; ensuring all patients can benefit from early detection of possible cardiovascular issues. If further testing or medical invention is required the HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic team will champion the patient process always keeping the primary care practitioner in the loop.

The beauty of this HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic venture lies not just in the technology's sophistication, but alsoin its potential to revolutionize primary healthcare dynamics. HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic underscores the importance of integrating modern technology into today's medicine; fostering a collaborative cardiac care ecosystem perfecting patient outcomes. HEARTLINC™ MD / Clinic can also be economically beneficial for both HCPs and their facilities (clinics or FHOs).

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